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The image of Pegasus is distinguished by its majesty and nobility. It is often put on the body as a tattoo of both women and men. About what such a tattoo means, and what its varieties are, read below.

Pegasus Tattoo Meaning

Some people might get a Pegasus tattoo to represent freedom or strength, while others might choose this tattoo design to represent their love of mythology.

a black and white tattoo of a pegasus on shin


General Meaning

Pegasus is a horse with wings, most often presented in white. This mythical animal was revered and respected. Many believed that it possessed great power and strength.

white pegasus
a tattoo of a mighty pegasus
abstract pegasus tattoo
The majestic and noble image of Pegasus is found in many myths. In one legend, this creature was born by Medusa Gorgon, and his father was Poseidon himself – the god of the sea. In another version, Pegasus emerged from the blood of Medusa Gorgon, which fell to earth after Perseus cut off her head.

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Pegasus tattoo from ancient mythology
tattoo of a pegasus with a rider on its shoulder
Color tattoo with a pegasus face
The image of Pegasus looks very aesthetically pleasing, but at the same time, it is endowed with quite a lot of meaning. By the way, such a picture was placed on the coat of arms of the ancient Templars.

Epic pegasus tattoo
two pegasi on the chest
A tattoo of a galloping pegasus

It meant fame, eloquence, and contemplation. And during the Second World War, the emblem with the image of this fairy-tale character was worn by soldiers belonging to the British airborne troops. For them, Pegasus symbolized speed and the air element.
The mythological creature Pegasus was also considered a favorite of the Muses.

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Colorful Pegasus Tattoo
a tattoo of a pegasus flying against the sun
Full back pegasus tattoo
For this reason, its image is often used as an emblem of poets, artists, musicians, and other artists. Many believe that this creature is the embodiment of creativity, dreams, imagination, and flight of fancy.

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Colorful Pegasus Tattoo
The green pegasus is printed on the hip
Pegasus with rainbow wings
a beautiful tattoo of a pegasus in flowers
blue pegasus tattoo
In addition, it is believed that the body image of a Pegasus symbolizes worldly experience, wisdom, sanity, spiritual growth, strength, and resilience. The symbolism of Pegasus symbolizes life experience, wisdom, wisdom, sanity, spiritual growth, strength, and fortitude. It forces us to remember ancient legends and famous Greek myths.

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beautiful black and white pegasus tattoo
tattoo pegasus on the shoulder
pegasus tattoo with rider
In general, the message of this tattoo is extremely positive. Native pattern with the image of Pegasus is preferred by both girls and men. To people of both sexes, this picture is a success and good luck.

A tattoo of a pegasus standing on an end
purple pegasus
black and white pegasus-tattoo-on-the-triceps
black pegasus tattoo
However, this tattoo will have a positive impact on its owner only if he has the following qualities: nobility, courage, and bravery. Otherwise, this picture will remain just a beautiful image.

What Are Sketches Like?

There are different variants of tattoos with the image of Pegasus. The drawing can be made in the technique of realism, which is characterized by detail, or in such a style as, for example, graphics or watercolors.

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A tattoo of a black pegasus standing on end
pegasus tattoo on a woman's back
a black tattoo of a pegasus across his chest
If we talk about the color solution, it is often enough to meet tattoos in black and white. These options, as a rule, choose men who prefer the classic variations of tattoos.

black gothic pegasus tattoo
Pegasus tattoo on wrists
full shoulder pegasus tattoo
Colored versions of such images are also quite popular. They look very interesting both on the female and on the male body.

Tattoo of a cartoon pegasus on your arm
tattoo cartoon pegasus
Tattoo of a cartoon pegasus in hearts
The size of the tattoo with the image of Pegasus can be very different – it depends only on the desire and preferences of the future carrier. Often the image of Pegasus creates whole compositions with a certain plot. Such paintings look very interesting and effective. However, for fans of such a style solution as minimalism, there are also options.

Pegasus tattoo with wings spreadA tattoo of a majestic pegasus with wings spread on his thigh
beautifully drawn pegasus
The most popular is the picture of Pegasus, in which he is depicted with his wings extended majestically in flight. Equally common are drawings of Pegasus with his wings folded, striding proudly with his eyes forward.
a tattoo with a pegasus at the moment of takeoff
Flying Pegasus tattoo
pegasus side tattoo
The image of Pegasus, on which a warrior is seated, also looks interesting. This tattoo has a very special meaning. It symbolizes determination, courage, strength, and the ability to defend oneself and one’s loved ones, if necessary. Such drawings do, as a rule, men, possessing strong character.

pegasus tattoo with warrior
pegasus tattoo with rider
A tattoo of a pegasus and a rider next to it
Tattoos with the image of Pegasus can be placed on any part of the body depending on the scale of the image. On the value of the tattoo, it has no effect. More often this kind of picture is applied in those places, which differ in the presence of a large area of skin – this, for example, the back, chest, forearms, and thighs.

monochrome pegasus tattoo on the forearm
monochrome pegasus tattoo on the leg
monochrome pegasus tattoo on the thigh
monochrome pegasus tattoo on the biceps

Examples of Tattoos

Pegasus on chest

Pegasus tattoo on a man's chest

Color pegasus

colored pegasus

Pegasus tattoo fail

not a pretty pegasus tattoo

Pegasus tattoo for men

Men's Pegasus Tattoo on the Neck

Realistic pegasus

realistic tattoo of a pegasus

Greek mythology

A realistic tattoo of a pegasus on a girl's thigh


Here are the most popular questions and answers about pegasus tattoos.

What does a Pegasus mean spiritually?

There is no one answer to this question as the meaning of a Pegasus varies depending on culture and religious beliefs. In Greek mythology, Pegasus was a winged horse that was associated with storms and rain. In some Native American cultures, the Pegasus is a symbol of healing and protection. In Christianity, the Pegasus is sometimes seen as a symbol of purity and innocence.

unusual pegasus tattoo

Is Pegasus lucky?

There is no certain answer to this question as Pegasus is a mythical creature. In some stories, Pegasus is considered to be very lucky while in others he is not considered to be particularly lucky.

the pegasus is printed on the entire forearm

Is Pegasus a girl or a boy?

Pegasus can be either male or female. But more often Pegasus is depicted in the masculine gender, emphasizing power and strength.

What animal is a Pegasus?

A Pegasus is a mythical creature that is half horse and half bird.

two photos of a pegasus tattoo

Is a Pegasus a unicorn?

No, a Pegasus is not a unicorn. A Pegasus is a mythical creature that is half horse and half bird. A unicorn is a mythical creature that is half horse and half goat.


Pegasus tattoo in a translucent haze
Tattoo Pegasus – the choice of original and ambitious individuals. The magical winged horse carries a deep meaning and an interesting mythical story of its origin.

Pegasus is a mythical winged horse. The image of this magical creature is one of the most romantic choices of body art for both women and men. The tattoo with Pegasus differs from other sketches with animals by its elegance and originality.

There are few successful tattoo ideas that can compete in their beauty and mysterious deep meaning with a tattoo in the form of Pegasus. The winged horse is a positive character, carrying only good and positive emotions. A great idea is a pegasus tattoo.
The owner of the tattoo will demonstrate his zeal for spiritual growth and self-realization with the help of the image on his body.

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