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If you live by the coast, have an affinity for tropical getaways, or simply daydream about sipping mai tais under palm trees, beach tattoos are a great choice. Embrace the essence of the beach without the hassles of hot sand and sunburns. With island-inspired tattoo designs featuring ocean waves, seashells, and marine life, you can enjoy the beauty of the beach indefinitely. Whether you’re a first-time tattoo enthusiast or expanding your collection, consider the tattoo ideas below. Both symbolic tattoos and nature tattoos are presented here. Everything depends on you.


#1 Shell tattoo

Shell Tattoo

You’ll love a seashell tattoo even more than a shell necklace since you’ll never misplace it. Enhance the subtlety of a larger tattoo by positioning it on the inside or side of your wrist. If you love the beach for its beautiful shades, consider adding some color to your design and make your tattoos more vibrant.

#2 Polynesian island tattoos

The significance of a tattoo is influenced by its placement on the body. According to tribal beliefs, the body serves as a connection between heaven and earth. The upper body symbolizes the spiritual world and the lower body represents the earthly realm. Back tattoos were associated with the past, while front tattoos were linked to the future. Women were associated with left-side tattoos and men with right-side tattoos.

#3 Seahorse tattoo

You can’t deny the charm of a tiny seahorse gracefully gliding through the ocean—unless, of course, you consider a seahorse tattoo like this one.

Advice! Before applying ocean-inspired tattoos, try watching the reality show Fboy Island. It can inspire you for the perfect tattoo design. If you are interested in where to watch Fboy Island, you can look in detail at this link. The quick answer is on BBC iPlayer and the CW on several other platforms.

#4 Palm tree tattoo

Palm tree tattoo

If you love spending a day at the beach relaxing under a palm tree, you’re going to adore this ankle tattoo concept. If having a palm tree on the palm of your hand seems too obvious, consider getting it tattooed on your finger instead. Keep in mind that finger tattoos tend to fade quicker than tattoos in other areas, so be prepared for touch-ups.

#5 The whole island

You don’t have to spend the whole day staring at your beach screensaver. Instead, gaze at this unique island tattoo featuring palm trees, waves, and a breathtaking sunset.

#6 Pink Flamingo

If you adore tropical birds like the flamingo, you already have an idea of the perfect beach tattoo for yourself.

#7 Coconut tattoo

If you adore everything coconut, include this tattoo in your list of favorite things alongside piña coladas, coconut oil, and coconut water.

#8 Watercolor mermaid tattoo


You should consider this mermaid as a genuine masterpiece, resembling a captivating painting. Remember to protect its color by always wearing sunscreen. If you see yourself as a mermaid, this tail would suit you best compared to getting tattooed with whale or dolphin tails.

#9 Tattoo of Monstera leaves

monstera leaves

If you’re into botanical beach tattoos, consider getting the outline of a couple of tropical leaves.

#10 Whale’s tail tattoo

If you’re looking to bring some luck into your life, consider getting a whale’s tail tattoo as a permanent symbol by your side.

#11 Beach sunset tattoo

You love beach sunsets more than any other sunset. This minimal chest tattoo captures everything you love while watching the sun setting over the ocean.

#12 Marine life tattoos

You may find this starfish or sea star (or whatever you prefer to call it) and this scallop shell (testing my shell name knowledge here) even more adorable when they’re paired up like this.

#13 Inspirational beach quotes

If you’re searching for a text-based tattoo, you have numerous beach quotes to choose from. You can opt for phrases like “Life’s a beach,” “Embrace sandy toes and salty kisses,” or “Let the waves set you free.” These quotes can be incorporated into a larger tattoo or standalone designs. Beach quotes convey a sense of joy and freedom, reflecting a love for the beach and everything it offers. These tattoos are ideal for those seeking a subtle reminder of their affection for the beach.

#14 Wave hip tattoo

If you like simple, small, and subtly placed tattoos, you can have baby waves tattooed on your hip—or anywhere else you desire.

#15 Fish

Fish tattoo

You’ll find it difficult to resist seeking compliments when you have an eye-catching fish tattoo.

Final Words

To summarize, if you want to carry the beach’s beauty and tranquility with you all the time, consider getting a tattoo with a beach theme. Just first think about what thoughts your tattoo should be associated with. You can lay down a deeper motive, like sea life or some kind of credo. Another option is relaxing sea motifs or inspiring beach quotes.

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