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Liverpool, renowned for its vibrant cultural heritage, iconic music scene, and picturesque waterfront, also boasts a dynamic tattoo culture steeped in history and tradition. The city’s rich tapestry of artistic expression is exemplified in its tattoo scene, which has been flourishing for decades. This thriving culture offers a diverse and eclectic mix of tattoo artists and studios, each bringing their unique flair and perspective to the art form.

The city’s tattoo scene mirrors Liverpool’s own diverse and storied history. It’s a melting pot of artistic influences, with tattoo artists drawing inspiration from Liverpool’s musical heritage, maritime past, and rich architectural beauty. These elements are often reflected in the designs and styles found across the city’s tattoo parlors. From traditional nautical themes that pay homage to Liverpool’s maritime history to contemporary and abstract designs inspired by modern art, the variety is as rich as the city’s own cultural landscape.

Liverpool’s tattoo artists are known for their creativity and innovation. They have a knack for pushing the boundaries of the art form, blending traditional techniques with modern styles. This results in a unique array of tattoo art, ranging from classic black and grey realism to vibrant and colorful neo-traditional designs. Some artists specialize in specific styles like Japanese Irezumi, while others are masters of portrait tattoos, capturing the essence of a person or a moment in time.

Liverpool Tattoos Orrell Park 

Liverpool Tattoos is a tattoo shop in the heart of Liverpool, located in Orrell Park, Northern Liverpool, is an established tattoo studio known for its wide range of styles and professional, award-winning artists. Since its inception in 2015, the studio has specialized in various tattoo styles, including black and grey realism, color realism, portraits, and more. They focus on creating personalized tattoos and provide comprehensive aftercare advice. Emphasizing customer service, cleanliness, and safety, the studio follows stringent hygiene protocols. They offer a free consultation, a straightforward booking process, and a welcoming environment for both walk-ins and appointments. Client testimonials highlight their skill, professionalism, and friendly atmosphere.

Liverpool Tattoos excels in Black ink and Grey Realism Tattoos, a style that replicates real-life objects or images with detail and accuracy. This art form, influenced by the 19th-century realism movement, involves meticulous planning, shadow mapping, and contour line use. Their skilled artists specialize in creating lifelike representations, offering a range of black and grey designs. The studio emphasizes the importance of choosing the right artist and design, ensuring each tattoo is meaningful and expertly crafted.

They have recently worked on several large sternum pieces that can be seen on their website. Whether clients prefer floral motifs, geometric patterns, or something more personalized, the studio’s artists can craft a design that is both aesthetically pleasing and meaningful.

Liverpool Tattoos: Acclaimed for Excellence – Google Ratings, Facebook Ratings, and Awards

Google Rating:

Liverpool Tattoos has established a strong presence on Google, reflected in its high ratings from customers. These ratings are a testament to their exceptional service, artistic skill, and customer satisfaction. Clients often praise the studio for its professionalism, friendly atmosphere, and the quality of the tattoos. Right now they have 115 Google reviews with an average 4.8 rating

Facebook Rating:

On Facebook, Liverpool Tattoos enjoys similarly high ratings. Customers frequently comment on the welcoming environment, the talent of the artists, and the overall positive experience they have at the studio. The Facebook platform also showcases a community of tattoo enthusiasts who share their experiences and photos of their tattoos, further adding to the studio’s reputation. Current rating Rating · 4.8 (321 reviews)


Liverpool Tattoos has been recognized in the tattoo industry for its outstanding work. The studio and its artists have received accolades and awards at various tattoo conventions and competitions. These awards highlight their commitment to excellence in tattoo artistry and customer service. These include TattoosALLtattooguide and many more.

Liverpool Tattoos | Tattoo Shop Liverpool

Address: 110 Northfield Rd, Liverpool L9 8BA

Phone: 0151 345 1400



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