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The miracle fruit, which has become widespread around the world recently compared to other fruit crops, is rapidly gaining the love of fans of healthy eating. The pear-shaped image of the fruit has become a symbol of a proper diet, as its content of useful substances is very high. The avocado tattoo is a symbol of love affection, and the desire to prolong youth and maintain good physical shape.

What does Avocado Tattoo mean?

There is no one meaning for an avocado tattoo – it can mean different things to different people. For some, it may represent the fruit itself and their love for it, while for others it may be a symbol of good luck or fertility.


Avocado General Meaning

The word “avocado” itself originated in Spanish, a twist on a term that the Aztecs had for “fruit of love.” The name came from the fact that the fruit grows on a tree in pairs, usually row upon row on each branch hangs whole bunches of these “pairs.

Tattoo with two avocados on a branch
Homeland of the unusual fruit – Central America, the indigenous population of the highlands of Mexico gathered the fruit of the avocado even 8,000 years ago. Images of the amazing fruit are also found in cave paintings, which are more than 12,000 years old. The Indians called them the “oil of the forest” and considered them one of the most valuable and nutritious foods.

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avocado toast

In the 17th century, the pips and trees of the crop were taken by seafarers to Spain and planted in the ground. At first, the avocado was grown in Europe as an ornamental plant, since the small, 4-5 cm in diameter fruits with a 2 cm bone were of little use for food.

A tattoo of a small automaton without a bone
Attempts to get fleshy, tasty fruit lasted at least a hundred years – and only the Americans’ initial selective work brought real success. By the early nineteenth century, many countries with subtropical climates were already growing avocados on an industrial scale.

avocado sprouted in a pot
In California and Florida, avocado plantations were established in 1830-1850, and in modern America, California orchards produce 90% of the total crop. Americans called the fruit the funny name “alligator pear,” because of its bubbly, greenish skin and pear shape. Breeders have given the crop the name Persea amiable, Persea Americana.

black and white tattoo of a sprouted avocado
In South America, the avocado was called “the oil of the guardsmen,” because the flesh of the fruit was spread on crackers instead of butter. On the same principle, in India, the fruit was called the “poor man’s cow. Interestingly, the most popular variety of Hass, characterized by its high oil content and great flavor, originated from a tree growing in the yard of the American letter carrier Rudolph Hass. Discovered in 1935, the tree still bears fruit.

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a bunch of avocados on a branch
Thanks to its fairly mild and almost neutral flavor, the avocado pulp can be used in sauces and additions to a wide variety of foods ranging from shrimp, caviar, and fish to desserts. The oil derived from the fruit has useful properties, so it is actively used in cosmetology and medicine.

Meaning of Tattoos for Girls

An unexpected and interesting internal content, completely different from the external – this is the meaning of the tattoo, in which the avocado is depicted in bright colors. Most often, the fruit is shown in a section, where it is especially clearly seen how the delicate shade of flesh is very different from the dark and bumpy skin.

a tattoo of an avocado cut in half
Such a pattern on the body characterizes the possessor as an amazing person, who performs acts completely inherent to her and sometimes amazes those around her with her utterances.

sweet avocado tattoo
The hardness of the bone and roughness of the skin is associated with persistence and determination, while the oily flesh denotes an innocent and feminine appearance.

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avocado girl tattoo
A small tattoo, sometimes located so that it is difficult to see – on the wrist or the bend of the elbow, for example, tells about the food preferences of the owner. Girls with these tattoos are concerned about their health, choosing to eat very healthy products that help them lose weight without harming the body.

Avocado tattoo on the forearm
Often, the miracle fetus is depicted on the body in the form of a funny man with arms and legs. Similar paired pictures are often chosen by good girlfriends who decided to perpetuate their friendship with a funny tattoo in the form of two identical halves of the fruit.

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Black and white photo of a paired avocado tattoo
Couples in love often resort to the same solution – the avocado tree in nature is pollinated only with the help of another, paired, so the image of the fruit is a symbol of fruitful, real love. To emphasize the meaning of the tattoo, the seeds of the fruit are drawn in the shape of hearts or hearts next to the fruit.

the couple have the same avocado tattoo
a guy and a girl got the same avocado tattoo
Two hands with avocado tattoos

two black and white avocados

The Meaning of Tattoos for Men

A man with an avocado tattoo is most likely a fan of healthy and wholesome food. Such guys are engaged in sports to maintain a good physical shape and to the choice of products very responsibly – they do not need extra calories from heavy food. Avocados, imprinted on the body, are not just a favorite food, but a symbol of health and beauty, long youthfulness, and positive mood.

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avocado tattoo sketch with a skull instead of a bone
Brutal avocado tattoo with a skull on his arm
Avocado tattoo with a disco ball instead of a bone

Interestingly play up the pear-shaped fruit guys with a good sense of humor – inside the silhouette of an avocado placed images of tongues of flame, the original plant ornaments, or even cute animals. Such tattoos reflect the positive views of the owner on life and cheer up, urging not to feel like “dull vegetables”, and to remain a “cheerful fruit”.

funny avocado tattoo with a alien instead of a bone

Examples of Avocado Tattoo Ideas

arm with a monochrome avocado tattoo

Minimalist avocado

Avocado tattoo done in a minimalist way
a small avocado tattoo on the back of the wrist
small avocado tattoo with a leaf
avocado tattoo meditates on the leg
Purple gloved hand shows avocado tattoo
Avocado tattoo on the ring finger
smiling avocado tattoo on your arm

Avocado tree

Sprouted avocado
colored avacado tree tattoo on the leg
monochrome tattoo tree avo
tattoo avocado tree on the leg
small avocado tree tattoo
avocado tree tattoo on the hand
The avocado tree grew from the grain
a small avocado tree grown from a grain
Avocado tattoo on the triceps

Baby avocado

Avocado tattoo with a book and a glass
funny avocado with homer's face
unusual avocado tattoo
avocado with a- tattoo of cartoon character
Avocado as a girl winks
avocado man

Avocado cat

Avocado tattoo in the form of a cat
black avocado cat tattoo

Avocado friendship tattoo

hands with small avocado tattoos
Avocado tattoos on the hand of friends


Here are the most popular questions and answers about avocado tattoos.

girl with an avocado tattoo on the hand

Who gets an avocado tattoo most often?

Avocado gag tattoo
There is no definitive answer to this question as it likely varies depending on location and other factors. However, it is safe to say that people who enjoy eating avocados or who have some sort of connection to the fruit are more likely to get an avocado tattoo.

Tattoo of two avocados

Where do I get my avocado tattoo most often?

Some people may get them on their arms, legs, or even their faces, while others may choose to place them on their backs or chests. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide where they would like to get their avocado tattoo.

Green athlete avocado tattoo
avocado berry tattoo
avocado with a diamond

Do friends get paired avocado tattoos?

Friends have the same avocado tattoos
There’s no right or wrong answer to this question since it’s entirely dependent on personal preference. Some people might love the idea of getting avocado tattoos with their friends, while others might think it’s cheesy or too matching. Ultimately, it’s up to the people involved to decide whether or not they want to get avocado tattoos together.

Friends have the same avocado tattoos on their arms
identical tattoos of funny avocados
Sketches of avocado tattoos


Avocado tattoo on the bicep
A tattoo in the form of an avocado is an original choice, but at the same time, it is quite popular. Rather, this option will prefer young people, as well as cheerful optimistic people, relating to many situations with humor. The choice of additional elements, even more fully revealing the meaning of the tattoo, is always for those who are to live with this image.

avocado-tattoo with purple flowers on the hand

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