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The knight is a historical character, which we associate with courage, honor, and bellicosity. The image that comes to mind is that of a rider on horseback in armor, with a sword and shield.

Knight Tattoo Meaning

Some people may choose to get a knight tattoo as a way to show their appreciation for the medieval era, or as a way to represent their own personal code of honor.

Tattoo of a knight on a horse
a black and white tattoo of a knight on his arm
colored tattoo of a knight with a sword
The knight is the indestructible and noble warrior, who is the hero of historical films, tales, bylinas, and songs.

Tattoo of a knight in armor
A tattoo of a knight with a spear
A tattoo of a knight with a sword on his shoulder
They possessed great physical strength, to participate in battles they had to carry a heavy outfit and wield a sword. The total weight of the armor reached 50 kilograms!

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A tattoo of a knight's helmet
helmet tattoo with horns
A tattoo of a knight's helmet with a visor
On the one hand, the armor served to protect them from blows, but on the other, it was a serious obstacle. A fallen knight became a helpless, clumsy warrior who could not stand up on his own.

A tattoo of a helmet pierced by a sword
A tattoo of a knight wounded by arrows
A tattoo of a knight pierced by swords
Today, to be considered a knight, a man needs only to protect his girlfriend from bandits or save a kitten in distress. And the times are not at all the same so men had the opportunity to show their chivalrous qualities.

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the skeleton in armor bent the knee
cute knight tattoo
colored helmet tattoo in chain rim with bullwhip
The tattoo with his image does not have a negative meaning, but before you do it, it is worth getting acquainted with its meaning in more detail.

A tattoo of a knight fighting a snake


Common Meaning Among the Peoples of the World

Warriors in iron armor appeared in Europe in the Middle Ages. Initially, the status of a knight could be obtained by anyone who wished to do so, it was only necessary to fulfill a number of simple conditions.

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A tattoo of a knight on a horse with a spear
tattoo of knights with wings
Tattoo of a knight with a flag kneeling
Later initiation as a knight became a whole rite consisting of ablutions, a “knight’s strike”, girding, and receiving a sacred sword.

Tattoo of an invisible knight in a crown
Tattoo of a knight in a helmet with feathers
Tattoo of a knight with a broken helmet

They constituted the military royal elite, which was the main support of the rulers. They accounted for only 3% of the country’s total population. Despite their small number, they were a serious military force.

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A knight riding a horse
A knight with a flag rides a horse
Tattoo of a knight's helmet with a red eroke

Knights were representatives of the privileged class and had impressive material benefits. For their loyalty and faithful service, the king rewarded them with lands – feuds, so they, owning lands, became known as feudal lords. Over time, the knights disappeared, but the system of feudalism was firmly entrenched.

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tattoos of two knights on legs
black and white tattoo of a black knight
Tattoo with a knight holding a severed dragon's headA tattoo with a warrior in armor symbolizes high moral principles, morality, and resilience. The owner of such a tattoo is a strong man, able to endure the hardships of life and strokes of fate. With the help of tattoos, it informs the outside world that all who achieve justice and is an honest and responsible people.
A tattoo of a knight with a dog's head

Blue helmet and halberd tattoo

A tattoo of a noble knight

The knight’s vocation is to protect the weak, save and help. A tattoo with his image chooses people who have big hearts and compassion. Such people will not stand aside when someone needs help. The tattoo shows the awareness and responsibility of its owner.

A tattoo of a knight with a sword and a helmet with horns
Knight tattoo on the forearm
A tattoo knight with a raised visor
Tattoo of a knight on a man's stomach

For some people, the knight is a symbol of stupidity, infantilism, and even cowardice. After all, if you look into it, it is not clear where he spends more energy – to carry his armor or to fight the enemy.

Tattoo of a knight on a horse with a sword in his hand
Centaur knight tattoo
Tattoo of the drummer knight

A warrior fully “wrapped” in metal clothing is more likely to seek to defend himself against others than to attack. And since nowadays a person does not need armor, the tattoo can symbolize the fear of attack and weakness of spirit.

A tattoo of a knight drawn on a fortune card
Tattoo of a helmet with a feather
Tattoo of a knight in the mirror
A tattoo of a knight who swung to strike
The meaning of a tattoo with a knight depends on how the wearer himself relates to this character. The tattoo has no specific symbolism in different cultures and countries. When choosing a tattoo, you should not rely on other people’s opinions, as everyone’s beliefs are different. Historically, he is an exclusively positive character.

Tattoo of a two-handed sword in hand

A tattoo of a knight with a spear and a helmet

The tattoo symbolizes:

  • masculinity;
  • courage;
  • honor;
  • morality;
  • fearlessness.

The Meaning of Tattoos for Men

Such a tattoo is applied by young people to express such qualities as courage, boldness, and determination. The owners of the tattoo are courageous people, able to cope with difficult life situations, to be reliable support and support.

two knights tattooed on the left and right leg
Men with a tattoo of a knight report their high moral principles and loyalty to ideals. Warrior in shining armor for guys symbolizes victory and indestructibility. Often, such a tattoo is applied to men who are life leaders. They are ambitious, determined, and purposeful people.

The Meaning of Tattoos for Women

A tattoo with a knight can be applied to girls who have not yet found their soulmate. With such a tattoo they inform the world about the qualities that the future beloved should have. As a rule, these women are waiting for a reliable, strong, and courageous man, on whom they can rely.

A tattoo of a knight on a girl's back
A tattoo of a funny little knight
Sometimes girls apply an image of a knight with an inscription of the name of the beloved. Such girls are proud of their beloved, with a tattoo they express admiration, love, and devotion. A tattoo for women can act as a talisman, symbolizing protection and safety.

Tattoo of the Knight with the Sword

The tattoo of a knight with a sword means that the person is ready to repel enemy blows, protect and attack. The tattoo symbolizes righteous anger, justice, and fairness. The owners of such a tattoo are in constant struggle with evil. Such people are confident and spiritually developed. Their physical strength they use only to pacify the enemy, and never attack first.

A tattoo of a knight swinging a sword
rabbit knight tattoo
the knight bird tattoo

Knight with Wings

The wings are the embodiment of purity of thought, high morality, and spiritual development. A warrior in armor symbolizes courage, fearlessness, and bravery.

Tattoo of a knight with wings
A tattoo of a knight with wings and a spear
A tattoo of a knight with two swords
The tattoo of the knight with wings announces that the man will never use his power to the detriment of another person if there is no threat to his life and health.

Such a tattoo indicates good intentions, and the desire to help people and protect the weak. Also, the tattoo of the knight with wings can be applied to women as a sign of memory of their loved ones who died in battle.

What’s the Best Place to Stuff It?

The optimal place for the tattoo “Knight” on the body of a strong young guy can be considered a muscular shoulder. The head on the shoulder or picture sleeve can be implemented in any technique and with the use of a wide palette of pigments. In a monochrome version of this theme tattoos also look very spectacular.

A tattoo of a knight wounded by arrows
 Tattoo of a knight's head with a helmet
A tattoo of a knight with a teapot instead of a head

If you like a large tattoo, use the back – a favorite field of activity of any master of tattooing. The artwork on the back, with a knight in the foreground, will delight any observer. Of course, for this, you will have to carefully choose a master who is able to beat art, not ruin a tattoo.

A tattoo of a knight riding a horse
When choosing a theme for a tattoo, it is better not to rely on outside judgments, because everyone’s views are different. Any observer is more interested in the question of what the tattoo means to you.

Dragon slaying knight tattoo

Responsible Choice

In general, the symbolism of images featuring the knight in armor does not depend on the opinion of others, but only on the deeper meaning that the bearer of the tattoo puts into a particular image.

A tattoo of a knight with the head of a frog
Tattoo of a knight with a kettle and a sword
unusual tattoo of a knight
cute knight and vampire tattoo
Toward the crusaders in different cultures is a very contradictory attitude. If the European knight with a red cross is a liberator personification, the Muslims give the movement of chivalry frankly negative content.

Examples of Knight Tattoo

Knight chess piece tattoo

Knight armor tattoo

knight armor tattoo
Knight helmet tattoo

tattoo of a tapeler's helmet
Warrior knight

warrior knight tattoo
A tattoo of a knight in a pointed helmet
Templar knight

Knight Templar kneels tattoo

knight templar tattoo

Angel knight

Angel knight tattoo


What does a black knight symbolize?

A black knight is a symbol of strength, power, and courage. This tattoo is suitable for bossy, brave, and strong people.

black knight on horseback

Is the Black Knight evil?

Some people believe that the Black Knight is evil because he is often associated with death and destruction. However, there is no definitive answer to this question.

helmet with two arrows tattoo

What is a GREY knight?

A “grey knight” could be interpreted to mean a knight who is neither good nor evil or a knight who is skilled in the art of stealth and deception.

small helmet tattoo

What does a kneeling knight mean?

A kneeling knight means someone who is willing to fight for what they believe in, even if it means going against the grain.

A tattoo of a knight on horseback

onion knight tattoo
A tattoo of a knight with a broad sword


A knight whose image speaks of the bravery and courage of its owner. The knight of the warrior is stuffed with people striving to live by a moral code. As a rule, the drawing is done in a graphic and realistic manner. The perception of the drawing is influenced by the pose of the knight and the weapon in his hands.

Tattoo of a helmet with three feathers
The composition can complement the attributes of military service. Heraldic designs with deep meaning are complemented by ribbons. The ribbons often have a slogan describing the credo of the tattoo owner’s life and can briefly characterize him.

I hope this article answered all questions about tattoos with the image of a knight. If you still have questions, you can ask them in the comments.

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