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What is Cottagecore?

Cottagecore is a subculture that celebrates traditional, rural life. It is characterized by an aesthetic that is inspired by the simple, natural beauty of the countryside. This aesthetic includes floral patterns, delicate lace, and pastel colors. It is often associated with a love of nature, gardening, and baking.

It is sometimes also called farmcore, countrycore, or ruralcore.

This is a subculture that values traditional skills, natural living, and a slow pace of life.

People who identify with cottagecore often enjoy activities such as gardening, canning, and spending time outdoors. They may also dress in vintage or handmade clothing, and decorate their homes with items that evoke a simpler time.

Cottagecore Tattoo Meaning

Cottagecore tattoos can represent a wide range of things, from the simple and rustic life of the country to the more complicated and mystical aspects of nature. They can be seen as a way to rebel against the fast-paced, materialistic world we live in. They can also be used to represent a deep love for the land and all it has to offer.

Some people see these designs as a way to celebrate their rural upbringing, while others use them as a way to connect with their ancestors and the natural world. They can also be seen as a way to show your love of the outdoors, or as a reminder to slow down and appreciate the simple things in life.

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Cottagecore Tattoo Ideas and Designs

1. A Cottage in the Woods

Tattoo in the form of a postcard with a small cottage and the inscription home

small coloured tattoo of a cottage in a meadow in the woods

a tattoo of a jar with a mushroom house in it

2. A Field of Wildflowers

3. A Basket of Freshly Picked Berries

4. A Cottagecore Mushroom Tattoo

mushroom tattoo on the ankle  coloured tattoo with beige mushroom and green leaves

Tattoo of mushrooms growing in a circle around the knee

Tattoo of a mushroom-shaped house with a frog sitting on it

Tattoo of a house in the shape of a red mushroom

Tattoo of a mushroom with a bumblebee sitting on it

coloured tattoo of a mascot with mushrooms on it

coloured tattoo with mushrooms and flowers

A tattoo of a beautiful mushroom on the ankle

a tattoo of a mushroom house with a fence

a postage stamp tattoo with mushrooms

Tattoo of a small mushroom with a snail crawling on it

5. A Cozy Fire in a Stone Fireplace

Colourful bonfire tattoo

6. A Detailed Design of a Cottage With a Thatched Roof and a Stone Chimney

A tattoo in the form of an open window and a landscape behind it

A tattoo in the shape of a window behind which it is raining

7. A Stone Bridge Spanning a Babbling Brook

8. A Cottagecore Frog Tattoo

coloured tattoo of a frog on a plant sprig

A tattoo of a dancing frog in flowers

Mottled tattoo of a frog on a water lily leaf with a mushroom on its head

Tattoo of a frog wearing a flower hat sitting on a mushroom and eating strawberries

Tattoo of a frog with an umbrella mushroom and a heart

9. A Picturesque Waterfall

10. A Idyllic Country Scene

11. A Small Design of a Flower or Plant on Your Wrist or Ankle

delicate coloured lavender sprig tattoo

Tattoo with a branch of blue flowers and a bumblebee with a bee

a small tattoo of intertwined hands

coloured tattoo of flowers and two bumblebees

12. A Dainty Cottagecore Aesthetic Tattoo of a Bird or Animal on Your Shoulder or Chest

A tattoo in the shape of a bird with patterns of flowers on it

13. A Pretty Butterfly or Dragonfly on Your Back or Leg

14. A Quote or Saying That Inspires You

tattoo of Alice with a rabbit and the words Follow the white rabbit

15. An Animal, Such as a Deer, Rabbit, Bird, or Frog, Represents Something Important to You

Big bumblebee tattoo

a colourful tattoo of two mice eating sweets by a candle

A snail tattoo with mushrooms growing on it  a tattoo of a pigeon in a hat and a scarf on the neck

a tattoo in the shape of a jar containing a snail

A snail tattoo on a blackberry

Tattoo of a snail crawling on a pla

Tattoo of a mouse wearing a red cloak and a gas lamp in his paws

Tattoo in the form of a deer tree with mushrooms growing on it and plant branches instead of antlers

a tattoo of a mouse with a strawberry and a mushroom

a tattoo of a bouncing furry fox

a tattoo of a mouse with a leaf in its paws

coloured tattoo of a duckling with a flower on his head

black and white rabbit tattoo

a small tattoo in the shape of a chicken with a poster of peace

A tattoo of a jar with two cats in it

a tattoo of a rabbit in a plaid waistcoat

little squirrel tattoo

Cute tattoo and spikelets of wheat and two mice on them

Tattoo of a cute bunny with a hat and a basket full of carrots

Tattoo of a lilac snake wrapped around flowers

A very beautiful tattoo of a mouse with a leaf in its paws, sitting on a mushroom and looking at the stars

16. A Quaint Cottage by a River With Ducks Swimming By

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17. A Delicate Cottagecore Fairy Tattoo (Or Other Mythical Creature in a Natural Setting)

A tattoo of two flying fairies

A tattoo of a naked girl with a mushroom cap

A mushroom tattoo in the shape of a beautiful girl

A tattoo of a beautiful fairy sitting on a mushroom with a rabbit with wings flying beside her

a tattoo of a sophisticated fairy silhouette

Tattoos featuring cuddling cats in dresses

A tattoo of a meditating plant root

Tattoo of a mushroom girl holding a bumblebee on a string

a small tattoo in the shape of a mushroom cat

A tattoo of a kitten with wings

Tattoo of a cat with wings sleeping on a large mushroom

a tattoo of a rabbit with wings

Tattoo of a kitten sleeping on a stump with wings, with flowers and mushrooms around it

Rabbit tattoo with butterfly wings

18. A Quote or Saying That Represents Your Cottagecore Lifestyle

19. A Simple Daisy on Your Wrist or Ankle

20. A Sun or Moon

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Tattoo of two mushrooms on a moonlit background

Tattoo of a girl walking in a forest at night with huge mushrooms

21. An Object That Is Representative of Cottagecore, Such as a Vintage Tea Cup or Antique Key

tattoo of snail with a teapot instead of a seashell

Tattoo in the shape of a pink teapot

a tattoo of a kettle with a frog coming out of it

A tattoo in the shape of a teapot with a snail peeking out of it

22. A Nature-Themed Design, Such as a Tree, Mountain, or River Scene

23. A Quote or Phrase in a Rustic Font

24. A Whimsical and Fun Design of a Cartoon Character or Object in a Pastoral Scene

25. A Celtic Knot or Design

26. A Cottagecore Tattoo Sleeve of a Rose, Lily, or Other Flowers

A large tattoo in the form of intertwined plant branches

27. A Symbol That Represents Your Love of Nature

28. A Delicate Floral Design on Your Shoulder or Collarbone

coloured daffodil sprig tattoo

coloured sunflower bouquet tattoo

Tattoo in the form of branches of plants and flowers as well as a butterfly

A tattoo in the shape of a tree with stars hanging from it

colourful poppy bouquet tattoo

An ankle tattoo in the shape of branches of a plant

29. A Larger Landscape or Scene on Your Back or Chest

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30. A Simple Cottagecore Tattoo of Leaves

A delicate tattoo of a flowering strawberry bush

Tattoo with flowers and mushrooms       a tea bag tattoo with flowers and fruit inside


Who gets a cottagecore tattoo?

Someone who is interested in the cottagecore aesthetic may get a tattoo that represents this aesthetic. The tattoo might feature nature scenes, such as flowers, trees, or animals. It could also include a cottage or other rural setting.

How do I choose a good cottagecore tattoo?

There is no definitive answer, but some things to consider include the overall aesthetic of the tattoo, whether it is something you would want to wear permanently, and how it would fit into your existing tattoo collection (if you have one). Other factors such as personal meaning, symbolism, and placement may also be important considerations.

Some people might prefer a design that is inspired by nature, while others might prefer a tattoo that is more whimsical or romantic in nature. Ultimately, the best cottagecore tattoo for you is one that you feel drawn to and that speaks to your personal aesthetic.

Tattoo of two roses with girls' faces

How much does a typical cottagecore tattoo cost?

The cost of a cottagecore tattoo can vary depending on the artist, size, and complexity of the design. Generally, a small, simple design can start at around $50, while larger, more detailed tattoos can cost several hundred dollars.

What are the most popular cottagecore tattoos?

Some of the most popular designs may include images of flowers, animals, nature scenes, or homey objects such as candles or teapots. Other popular designs may include more whimsical or fantasy-inspired images such as faeries, unicorns, or dragons.

How does it hurt to get a tattoo?

The pain is usually manageable and tolerable, but some people may find it more uncomfortable than others. The pain level also depends on the size, placement, and depth.

Props and Cons

On the plus side, they can be very pretty and dainty, and often have a nostalgic or romantic vibe. On the downside, it can be difficult to find an artist who specializes in them, and they can be more expensive than other types of tattoos.

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