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One of the most popular and well-known tattoos in recent years is the Haku tattoo from the movie Spirited Away. For many, it represents the strength and determination of the character, as well as the film’s themes of hope and perseverance. The popularity of this design has led to a resurgence in interest in Japanese culture and tattooing and has even inspired some to get tattooed themselves.

The story from Studio Ghibli is one that has resonated with people all over the world, and the design is a way for people to show their love for the film. The tattoo is also a reminder that no matter how difficult life may seem, there is always hope.

Haku with flowers on the bottom tattoo

Haku with flowers around tattoo

Outline No Face with flowers tattoo

Scary Haku dragon on the pink background tattoo

Haku with pink flowers sleeve tattoo

Outline Haku dragon with flowers tattoo

Outline Haku sliced into sushi tattoo

Blue Haku dragon leg tattoo


Haku Dragon Tattoo

The Haku dragon is often depicted in tattoos as a fierce and powerful creature that is surrounded by flames or other things. Haku tattoo meaning is strength, courage, and determination.

The Haku dragon is a popular choice for tattoos among both men and women. It is seen as a symbol of power and strength and is often used to represent the wearer’s courage and determination.

This tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body but Haku dragon tattoo on arm
is more common. It is said that the placement of the tattoo is important as it can represent the wearer’s strength and power.

The Haku dragon is a popular choice for tattoos among those who are looking for a design that is both meaningful and visually appealing.

Haku with Forbidden City tattoo

Arm sleeve tattoo with Haku

Haku with blue flowers tattoo

Haku dragon with aquamarine fur tattoo

Haku face in a rectangle tattoo

Haku in fire tattoo

Outline Haku with flowers leg tattoo

Haku with sunflowers leg tattoo

Outline Haku back tattoo

Black and white Haku arm tattoo

Haku Spirited Away Tattoo

The characters in Spirited Away are as imaginative and varied as the tattoos they would inspire. From the powerful and protective No Face to the wise and kind Haku, each character has unique qualities that would make for an amazing tattoo.

Train Scene

The train scene from Spirited Away is one of the most iconic and memorable scenes from the film. It’s a scene that’s been tattooed by fans of the movie all over the world.

The design of the train scene tattoos varies, but they all feature the same key elements. The most common design is of the train itself, with the smokestack and coal car in the front. The spirit world symbols are also often included in the design, as well as the characters Chihiro and Haku.

The train scene is significant because it’s the first time that Chihiro enters the spirit world. It’s a key moment in the film, and the tattoo designs reflect that. They’re often colorful and detailed, and they capture the feeling of the scene perfectly.

No face in the train tattoo

Chihiro and No Face arm tattoo

Train scene with Chihiro and No Face tattoo

Radish Spirit

The radish spirit from the movie “Spirited Away” has become a popular design for tattoos. The spirit is shown as a small, red radish with a face and arms. It is often shown holding a lantern or other object.

The radish spirit is said to represent good luck and fortune. It is also seen as a symbol of protection. Many people get tattoos as a way to remember the movie and its message.

Raddish Spirit in a bowl with food tattoo

Outline Raddish hand tattoo

Outline Raddish and fan with the sun tattoo

Raddish Spirit with pink flowers tattoo

Raddish Spirit leg tattoo

Raddish Spirit on the souvenir tattoo

No Face

The No Face from “Spirited Away” is one of the most popular Japanese animated characters of all time. And it’s no wonder why – the No Face is a fascinating and enigmatic figure, with a unique design that has inspired many tattoos.

The No Face is a spirit in the movie “Spirited Away”. He is initially seen as a faceless creature, but he later acquires a human face. The No Face is attracted to humans, and he is especially drawn to the main character, Chihiro.

The No Face is a representation of the id, the primal and instinctual part of the human psyche. He is a creature of pure desire, and he consumes everything in his path. The No Face is also a symbol of loneliness and isolation.

The No Face tattoos are usually very simple, featuring the character’s outline or just his human face. But some tattoos are more elaborate, incorporating the No Face’s other forms, such as his faceless state or his spirit form.

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No Face with mushrooms and flowers tattoo

No Face cooking food tattoo

Outline No Face and Ponyo characters tattoo

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Haku holding No Face tattoo

Black and grey No Face sleeve with flowers tattoo

No Face with a yellow flower tattoo

Souvenir with No Face and rainbow tattoo


Yubaba is one of the most interesting characters in Spirited Away. She’s the greedy, selfish, and cruel owner of the Bathhouse, but she’s also a powerful witch with a very interesting backstory.

You can depict scenes from Yubaba’s life representing her power and authority.

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Outline Yubaba in flowers tattoo

Small Yubaba in a profile tattoo

Outline smoking Yubaba leg tattoo

Yubaba stealing a character tattoo

Haku Dragon Tattoo Design

In the world of Spirited Away, there is a creature known as the Haku Dragon. This dragon is said to be able to take on the form of a human and is often seen as a protector of the main character, Chihiro.

The Haku Dragon has a very distinct design, with a long, slender body and a wide, dragon-like head. It is often seen in green or blue color schemes, and its eyes are usually depicted as being very large and expressive. This dragon tattoo design is very popular among fans of the Spirited Away franchise and is often seen as a symbol of strength and protection.

Haku dragon sleeve tattoo with flowers

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Red Haku and No Face hand tattoo

3D Haku dragon arm tattoo

Outline Spirited Away characters tattoo

Outline Haku arm tattoo

Spirited Away arm tattoo

Black and White

The Haku dragon is a popular choice for black and white tattoos. The dragon is often portrayed as a yin and yang symbol, with a black body and a white head. This tattoo design can represent the duality of human nature or the balance of light and dark forces in the universe.

The Haku dragon is also a popular choice for tattoo designs because of its simple and elegant lines. The dragon’s body is often inked in a single color, with the head and tail inked in a contrasting color. This tattoo design can be scaled to fit any size of the body and can be placed anywhere on the body.

Haku in clouds leg tattoo

Outline Chihiro flying on Haku tattoo

Haku with No Face in flowers tattoo

Outline souvenir with Haku dragon tattoo

No Face surrounded by Haku tattoo

Haku with his friends and enemies tattoo

Black and white Haku dragon with mountains tattoo

Haku, Chihiro and No Face in flowers tattoo

Haku and others in geometric figures tattoo

Minimalist Haku Tattoo

Minimalist Haku tattoos are very popular, but they all have one thing in common: they are all very small.

The most popular design of small Haku tattoos is of him in his dragon form. This is usually a very simple design, with just a few lines forming the outline of his body. Sometimes, the dragon form is shown in flight, with Haku’s body curled up in a spiral.

Another popular design is of Haku in his human form. This is usually a more detailed tattoo, as it shows Haku’s face and body in greater detail. This tattoo is often seen on the back or shoulder of people who have it.

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Haku and Chihiro in circle tattoo

Coin with Haku dragon face tattoo

Outline mini Haku arm tattoo

Cross with blue Haku tattoo

Chihiro hugging Haku tattoo

Outline Haku tattoo near the elbow

Haku and Chihiro

When it comes to tattoos, there are many different designs to choose from. Some people opt for simple designs, while others go for more intricate and detailed designs. Two popular designs for tattoos are those of Haku and Chihiro from the movie Spirited Away.

The Haku tattoo is usually a dragon. This represents strength and power. It also represents the ability to change and adapt. The dragon is a symbol of wisdom. This tattoo is about finding your power and using it to overcome obstacles.

The Chihiro tattoo is usually a lotus flower. This represents purity and beauty. It also represents new beginnings. This tattoo is about starting over and finding your true self.

These tattoos are trendy among fans of the movie. They are a reminder of the special bond between Haku and Chihiro. They also represent the journey that each character takes to find themselves.

Outline Haku & Chihiro in the mask of No Face tattoo

Chihiro hugging Haku tattoo

Circle with Haku and Chihiro nose to nose tattoo

Chihiro going with Haku dragon tattoo

Haku and Chihiro on floral background tattoo

Chihiro on Haku tattoo

Haku hiding Chihiro tattoo

Chihiro touching Haku in the sky tattoo

Haku and Chihiro in pink flowers tattoo

Small Haku & Chihiro on the blue background tattoo


If you are interested in getting a tattoo of Haku, you will need to find a talented and experienced tattoo artist. It is essential to make sure that your tattoo artist is skilled in Japanese tattooing, as the style of Haku’s tattoos is very specific. Once you have found an artist you trust, you can discuss your ideas for the tattoo and work together to create a design that is perfect for you.

A tattoo of Haku is a meaningful and beautiful way to commemorate one of your favorite film characters. If you are looking for a unique and meaningful tattoo, a tattoo of Haku is a great option.

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