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Ponyo tattoos are becoming increasingly popular among young people. The designs are often small and delicate and can be placed on any part of the body.

Many people choose to get Ponyo tattoos because they are attracted to the design and meaning behind them. Others may get them because they have a personal connection to the character.

Ponyo in the aquarium with flowers tattoo

Ponyo and Sosuke in a rhombus tattoo

Ponyo in a bottle with flowers tattoo

Ponyo eating meat in a bowl tattoo

Crazy ponyo with bowl in the hands tattoo

Ponyo eating noodles tattoo

Little Ponyos in a pink glass tattoo

Black&white abstract Ponyo in the jar tattoo

Heads of Ponyo & Sosuke under the water tattoo

Sosuke and Ponyo in the bubble tattoo

Ponyo fish with flowers around tattoo

Red Ponyo with red rosese tattoo

Ponyo running on the fish tattoo

Ponyo in the constellation tattoo


Ponyo Tattoo Ideas

Ponyo tattoos are popular among fans of Hayao Miyazaki‘s work. They often feature the film’s title character, a goldfish who dreams of becoming a human girl. These designs can be simple or complex, depending on the artist and the wearer’s preferences.

Some Ponyo tattoos feature the character in human form, while others show her as a goldfish. Many designs incorporate elements from the film’s story, such as the waves or the moon. Ponyo tattoos are often brightly colored, as they befit a character who is full of life and energy.

On the other hand, Ponyo tattoos in black and white can be pretty simple or quite intricate, depending on the artist’s design. Some feature the fish in full body form, while others focus on her face or her flowing hair. Some designs include a simple black and white background, while others use other images or patterns to create a more complex look.

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Picture of Ponyos with waves back tattoo

Heart with Ponyo and hearts in the corner tattoo

Head of Ponyo in the jar tattoo

Outline Ponyo in the bottle with leaves tattoo

Ponyo laying on the bubble tattoo

Ponyo characters heads with their pets tattoo

Ponyo eating from the bowl tattoo

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Ponyo eating meat tattoo

3 little Ponyos tattoos

Ponyo running on water tattoo

Pendant with Ponyo inside tattoo

Photo of Ponyo with the lamp in the head tattoo

Ponyo in a square tattoo

Ponyo and fish in blue circle tattoo

Ponyo and Sosuke

Ponyo and Sosuke are two of the most popular characters in the show. They have become iconic symbols of friendship and love, and this design is a popular choice for those who want to show their admiration for the film.

There are a lot of great ideas inspired by Ponyo and Sosuke. One of the most popular designs is a simple sketch of them together. The design varies depending on the artist, but they often feature the two characters holding hands or hugging. Sometimes their tattoos also include other elements from the film, such as the waves, the sun, or the moon.

Other ideas include scenes from the movie or characters like Ponyo, Sosuke, and Fujimoto. Some people even get designs of quotes from the film.

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Black & grey Sosuke and Ponyo near the sea tattoo

Sosuke and Ponyo in the boat tattoo

Couple tattoo with Sosuke and Ponyo

Ponyo and Sosuke at the table tattoo

Heads of Sosuke and Ponyo over the elephant tattoo

Ponyo and Sosuke hugging tattoo

Outline Ponyo and Sosuke with waves and lighthouse tattoo

Sosuke and Ponyo in colorful oval tattoo

Ponyo with the lamp and Sosuke with the boat tattoo

Walking by the hand Ponyo and Sosuke tattoo

Sosuke kissing bubble with Ponyo tattoo

Black and grey sleeve with Ponyo and Sosuke tattoo

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Walking by the hand Sosuke with the boat and Ponyo with the bucket tattoo

Hugging Sosuke and Ponyo and Ponyo in the jar tattoo


There’s something irresistibly cute about mini tattoos of characters from Ponyo. Perhaps it’s the wide-eyed innocence of the little goldfish girl who longs to be a human or the way she scampers about making mischief and bringing joy to those she loves.

Many people choose to get a minimalist Ponyo tattoo as a tribute to their own childhoods when they first fell in love with the film. Others see her as a symbol of hope and joy and get it as a reminder to keep looking on the bright side of life. Whatever the reason, these tattoos are a beautiful way to show your love for the show and for animation in general.

There are a few different ways to go about getting minimalist Ponyo. One option is to find an image of the character online and print it out to take to your tattoo artist. Alternatively, you could find an image of a similar character that speaks to you or design your own little Ponyo tattoo.

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Outline swimming Ponyo in the bubble tattoo

Colorful Ponyo eating stars tattoo

Flying little Ponyos with stars around tattoo

3 mini Ponyos on the hand tattoo

Swimming Ponyo in the bubble tattoo

Minimalist Ponyo tattoo near the elbow

Red crazy Ponyo with the bucket tattoo

Swimming tiny Ponyos leg tattoos

Jellyfish Tattoo

Ponyo jellyfish are some of the most beautiful creatures in the sea. Their delicate, flowing tentacles and pastel colors are a sight to behold.

This design is a popular choice for people who love the ocean and want to show their love for marine life. These tattoos can be incredibly intricate and beautiful, with flowing tentacles and delicate designs.

People who get Ponyo jellyfish tattoos often choose to get them in bright colors, such as pink, blue, and purple. This helps to make it stand out and look more like a real jellyfish.

These designs can be placed anywhere on the body, but they are most often seen on the arm, back, or hip. They are a popular choice for people who love the ocean and want to show their love for marine life.

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Ponyo and jellyfish in a blue circle tattoo

Ponyo with jellyfish in grey circle tattoo

Jellyfish & Ponyo tattoo hand tattoo

Ponyo swimming in jellyfish tattoo

Ponyo on the jellyfish tattoo

Ponyo and jellyfish under water tattoo


Ponyo tattoos are a popular choice for those who want to express their love for this adorable anime character. They can be small and discreet, or large and showy – it’s up to you. And because there is no one “correct” meaning behind Ponyo tattoos, you can feel free to interpret them however you like. So whether you see your tattoo as a reminder to stay innocent and pure, or as a symbol of never giving up on your dreams, know that there is a Ponyo tattoo out there that’s perfect for you.

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