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The quality of your future tattoo affects not only the level of professionalism of the master but also your “correct” behavior before the session.

Today we will break down the preparation for a tattoo in two directions: you will learn about what to do before the session, and what is categorically not recommended. There are plenty of contraindications to tattoos, and they can affect even perfectly healthy people.

Can You Smoke Cigarettes After Getting a Tattoo

Quick answer:
Can you smoke after getting a tattoo? – Yes.
Can you smoke weed after getting a tattoo? – Yes, but not recommended.
Can you drink before getting a tattoo? – No.
Can you drink after getting a tattoo? – Yes, but not recommended.

Now let’s discuss this in more detail.


Types of contraindications to tattoos:


  • Poor blood clotting (thrombocytopenia, fibrinopenia, hemophilia)
  • Severe viral diseases (hepatitis, HIV, AIDS)
  • Cancer and acute inflammatory diseases
  • Immune disorders
  • Mental disorders and epilepsy
  • Type 1 diabetes mellitus (insulin-dependent) or severe type 2 diabetes
  • Diseases associated with a significant decrease in immunity


  • Susceptibility to sudden changes in blood pressure, in particular to hypertension
  • Inflammatory and allergic skin diseases
  • Colds and fever
  • For women – during pregnancy, lactation, and menstruation
  • Alcohol and drug intoxication

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Can You Smoke or Drink After Getting a Tattoo

Before a tattoo session, it is not recommended:

  1. Do not take any blood-thinning medication (for instance aspirin) as you increase the possibility of bleeding during the application. The tattoo artist will have to wipe off the secretions frequently, which will erase the transfer pattern and irritate the skin.
  2. Don’t come to the session hungry! It will be especially helpful to eat something sweet, as this will increase blood sugar levels, thereby reducing the likelihood of a painful session.
  3. Don’t get tired, you need to get enough sleep. Practice shows that fatigue increases the perception of pain.
  4. The day before the session, do not create any physical stresses on the application site. These actions tone up not only the muscles but also the skin. It becomes more elastic, which prevents it from getting enough pigment. In this case, the cover is more quickly injured and swollen.
  5. Coffee and caffeine-containing drinks should be also excluded from the day before the session to the minimum. Caffeine excites the nervous system, which can affect your ability to feel pain.
  6. Postpone your session if you’re sick. Any ailment will affect your pain threshold.
  7. Come to your session sober. Drinking alcohol is not recommended because of the risk of elevated blood pressure (due to the vasodilatory properties of ethanol). The tattoo will bleed profusely, which will interfere with your work, and the pigment will not be properly retained in the skin, therefore, your tattoo will not be as bright as you would like it to be. The day before the session you should not drink either. The pain will feel much worse.

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How long do I have to wait to start smoking after a tattoo


Can you smoke cigarettes after getting a tattoo?

Smoking does not influence the healing speed of a tattoo significantly, so there are no contraindications in this respect.

Can you smoke weed after getting a tattoo?

Smoking weed does not significantly affect the healing rate of a tattoo, but one day before and after your visit to the tattoo-master it is better to refrain from this habit. It will help to choose a tattoo design and tattoo artist, control the safety of the process and prevent infection after the procedure.

Do you drink after getting a tattoo?

It is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol before getting a tattoo. Alcohol can thin the blood and increase bleeding during the tattooing process. This can make the tattooing process longer and more painful. Also only sober people can assess the safety of the upcoming procedure: the purity of the room, the sterility of the equipment, the quality of materials, the professionalism of the master, etc. And if the tattoo is already made, it is worth refraining from celebrating on this occasion, because in a sober state it is easy to get an infection. Refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages one day before and after your visit to the tattooist.

What are the risks of smoking after a tattoo

Can you smoke after getting a lip tattoo?

It is standardly recommended to refrain from smoking for 2 days.

What can’t I do before getting a tattoo?

Do not: take alcohol and painkillers (they thin the blood), tan in the sun or in a tanning bed, or do cosmetic injections or peelings. It is also best not to come to a session hungry.

When can I not get a tattoo?

If you feel unwell, or have a high fever or a cold, it is better to postpone the tattoo session. If you have damaged skin, tattoos should also be avoided.

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cigarettes after a tattoo

Basic recommendations

After 2-3 days have passed, take special care of the damaged area. Every time after the antiseptic skin treatment, apply a hypoallergenic healing ointment or cream to the tattoo area.

Then your skin will start to regenerate. You will notice this by the crusts that form on the damaged surface. Do not pick them, let them descend on their own, otherwise they may leave traces.

The figure will look brighter if you give the skin good care, even after all the damage is gone. Use natural products with vitamins, oils, aloe extract, and other natural ingredients.

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At the end we would like to remind you about the most common tattoo mistakes:

Don’t get a tattoo that has been “trending”

We all know the feeling of seeing a cool tattoo design you like on Instagram and then getting it tattooed. But try to avoid getting a tattoo of something that’s popular at the moment.

Tattoos are a lifetime decision, so you should get something that represents you as a person and something you like.

Don’t get a tattoo to impress others

If you’re getting a tattoo to impress others, you’re getting it for the wrong reason. You should get a tattoo that you really like and that means something to you.

Don’t get drunk when getting a tattoo

Some people think that getting a tattoo while being drunk is a good idea because it will numb the pain. But it’s actually a really bad idea because it can affect the way your tattoo looks.

Your tattoo artist will not tattoo you if they think you’re too drunk.

Don’t get a tattoo on your face

A face tattoo is a big decision because it’s something that’s very visible. If you’re not sure about it, you should avoid getting a tattoo on your face.

Don’t get a tattoo of someone’s name

Getting a tattoo of someone’s name is a bad idea because relationships change and people change. You might end up regretting it later on.

Don’t get a tattoo that has a negative meaning

Some tattoos have negative meanings that you might not be aware of. For example, a teardrop tattoo can represent that you’ve killed someone. Do your research before getting a tattoo.

Don’t get a tattoo that covers a large area of your body

A large tattoo can be a big commitment because it’s something that will be with you for the rest of your life. You need to be sure about it before getting inked.

Don’t get a tattoo without researching the artist

It’s important to research the artist before getting a tattoo.

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